Oh hi.

I'm Claire.

If I were face to face with you, you could expect a smile and a friendly hello, that’s my style. It’s also curious, blunt, and very very loving. My whole life has been interlaced with various experiments in movement, art and dance – I’m an explorer, and thrive on trying new things. I’m fascinated by the macro and micro, by science and spirituality, by the moments where things break or form; I appreciate symmetry most of all, and if not that, then balance. I’m stubborn and fierce and intuitive. I’m the bendy kid in the talent show, the one dancing on an empty floor, the woman drawing in the the tree. I have 27 years of dancing in my 32 year life, and a long list of dance and arts training I could list here, but won’t. Performance Art, costumes and jewelry making are my passions, and I make all the outfits in my performance troupe, Subscura Collective. I am long, limby and soft armed. I struggle with fast twitch muscle control and losing myself. I see you watching me, and I’ve learned to watch you back.


© 2020 Claire Jemima

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